I am looking for willing participants to ‘donate’ me their final status and Facebook profile photo for inclusion in a film that will be part of an installation created and exhibited throughout June/July 2013. For example, this could be the actual last status you posted on Facebook or what you would want your final ever status to be. It could be a goodbye message, something serious and poignant, or perhaps something lighter – it’s entirely up to you.

Submit your final status and Facebook profile photo by using the form below or by emailing

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DISCLAIMER (the boring stuff): By submitting your data in the form of text, images and film, it means that you agree to the inclusion of your contribution in the resulting video and audio recording that will be exhibited to the public as part of the Digital Media Arts MA show. The video and audio recording may also be shown at other events and on other media. You are also agreeing to the publication of your submission on this website, social media and any other related media. Personal details such as names and email addresses will NOT be used in the installation or elsewhere.